The tissue of the Tears of Zorro

Oh? To shreds you say? To shreds...

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So, yeah. This is me.

I'm essentially a nerd. A computer science nerd to be exact.

I'm sure I'll finish this later.

3 years on: So, I may as well update my profile a little bit. I'm not sure what there is to say about myself. I haven't drawn up any Cliff Notes on myself, for comfort of the casual reader of my journal (of whom I'm sure there are many </sarcasm>), partially because even how I regard myself can change from time to time. If you find yourself with a relatively good summary beyond "nerd", I'll be quite happy to hear it.

However, I'll give a rundown of how this journal came into being:

  • At one point, it seemed like the only way I could keep in touch with people in college, who were no more than 5 minutes away, was to have a journal so I could be put in on friends-only posts.

  • Given the amount of Drama at the time... I realised that friends-only and filtered posts, while not being pure evil in themselves, were a quick and easy way to a horribly painful and relatively friendless life (at least from what seemed to be going on at the time).

  • With that in mind, I maintain this journal while trying to maintain it completely publicly.

  • As a result, it may not be as personal as some others, because I tend to make it only as personal as I'd like a total stranger to read. That level varies from time to time.

  • Due to the above, if you're not on my flist and reading this, you have no less access than those who are on my flist.

  • In addition, I try not to talk about other people, at least not directly. This doesn't stop me bitching about situations I find myself in... but I'll not point the finger and call someone names, unless I am extremely confident in my right to do so.

  • I do reserve the right to turn off commenting for a post.

As to what I post:

  • It's mostly just meandering ramblings... due to the above restrictions.

  • Even though my journal is as open as can be, I'm frequently generous with lj-cuts, in case it fills up someone's flist. This is especially true of memes, or anything with spoilers or video.

  • You will see things that I've just plucked out of my head - if you find they're getting especially odd, you can take that as a sign that I didn't get enough sleep (Ah, so I do do Cliff Notes - this is Cliff Note the First)

  • Don't expect me to tag well... I used to have a system, now I've lost it. Just like I'm prone to filing a lot of stuff all in one drawer (my "unsorted drawer"), while a few others go into really empty drawers, the same is true of my tagging system... I overuse the tag "random". I really do.

Friends policy:

  • I used to be a lot more anal about this, but now I'm a lot more loose, accepting and generally open.

  • Basically, if you want to friend me, do.

  • If you actually want me to notice this, and/or for me to consider friending you back, poke me in a comment saying hi, and who you are... unless it's frighteningly obvious where I know you from... or if we've just met on someone else's journal.

That's about it. If anyone comes up with any Cliff Notes for me, please, get in touch, and we'll see what we can do about publishing them.

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