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Saturday - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Saturday [Apr. 17th, 2006|02:18 am]
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So, yeah, saturday was interesting. Jack had invited me to go along with some guys to see She's the Man on saturday morning. It raises questions - like why is "Cheese" most people's random word? - none of which are too deep or meaningful. It was funny enough to watch though, if you like Amanda Bynes... who I'm fairly ambivalent towards. But there's Vinnie Jones. Moreover, there's Vinnie Jones looking dead sexy. By the by, did I mention Vinnie?

Anyway, the night before I'd gotten to bed much later than intended (I stayed up working/playing with tarot - I'm not at all experienced enough so I'm naive enough to do a technique where I sit down, shuffle the deck, look at cards, see if they speak to me, and I put them in groups. It worked surprisingly well for the record) so I'd had about 4 hours sleep. So, I crawled out of bed, and met Oli and Brynn - Brynn for the first time. Jack hadn't arrived, which I was dreading because I don't know Oli too well, and know nothing about Brynn, but Brynn was incredibly easy to talk to. He's a really nice guy.

So after that we hung around for a coupla hours. Just sitting around in the Epicurean eating Mexican food, or by the little paved area beside Jervis St (Jack and I were waiting for the two of them so I took out my poi and practiced for a bit - I got attention). So at about 3.30 (we met for the cinema at 10 - well, I was late, and Jack was later :P ) Oli and Brynn parted ways, and I "went for one" with Jack, just chilling and chatting. Then we wandered, deciding where we were going to go, so while we were on Capel St, I spotted some brightly coloured Polish sucrose-based 'stuff'. They were selling very large bags of the stuff for 2 euro. So I bought some, as did Jack. Turned out this 'stuff' wasn't very nice at all. Anyway, after trying to figure out where to go, we went back to the paved area beside Jervis st, where I did more poi. This attracted a whole GANG of kids watching. Also at this point, the brightly coloured crap was still around, and kinda visible, so they might also have been hoping for some of that. Jack suggested later that parents might have been concerned (especially as he turned up later from Aldi with large amounts of Haribo/gelatin products) that with all of this stuff we were trying to entice kids over. But anywho, we just sat around and chatted, and tried eating that technicolour 'stuff'. With a rough translation of what was on the bag we think it was something like "66% maize crap" and "33% syrup", and then a list of all sorts of chemicals etc etc in Polish (I could only tell it was polish because their email had a .pl domain). WE tried feeding the stuff to pigeons - they weren't having ANY of it. The picked up crumbs of it and promptly dropped it. Some even went and ate gravel instead. Then someone else turned up, so I went "Just for one".

Then we went to Dorans... none there for me. I hung around for a bit and went home. I managed to fall asleep on the bus, and when I got up to get off, I felt faint and rather nauseous. So once I got home I crawled into bed and slept for about 3 hours, waking up sometime around 10pm. Ah the results of alcohol, nicotine (must not show off one-handed butterfly by smoking) and many many e-numbers.

Now it's at this point that I should point out my general state of affairs this week. This is the end of week 1 of my parent's 2 week holiday. That means I have a house to take care of, along with 2 dogs. That means things get kinda lonely, which is why I went for the cinema that day. It also means I cook for myself. Now, for the first weekend, I was ok. But while I was in college, I wasn't as good as I should have been. I.e. not nearly as much veg or anything fresh, mainly because I ate in college. So, I'm noticing two little bumps, one on each side of the base of my neck. Both are quite round and hard to the touch, and also quite sore to touch as well... sometimes they hurt without me touching them. My initial reaction is that it's a lack of some sort of vitamin/mineral etc... i.e. more veg (which I'd not had in a good while).

So last night, I noticed a bit of a rash developping on my elbow, or rather it was really itchy, and just reminded me of what I see others with when they have an allergy to something (trust me, when you've gone out with an anaphalaxic...), and a little blister developped. So, I was not happy with my diet (yet utterly unable to cook so I had a takeaway - gah), but today I've improved matters, plus I'm fairly sure the elbow thing is a reaction to eating crappy polish 'stuff' as it's pretty much gone today (just came back as I was thinking about it).

So that was my saturday. The lesson of that day: don't buy random foreign stuff that looks pretty and is being sold very very cheaply, especially if it's been put outside on a sale stall on Capel street (I think it says something if it hasn't been stolen).

And today's lesson "Don't (intentionally) confuse demented grandmothers or your mp3 player will play you Howard Hughes by Rasputina as you leave the hospital". A less funny occurance than one might think.