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Viewing feast - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Viewing feast [Mar. 27th, 2005|03:47 am]
Ok, so I'm a bit sad... not in the emotional way but the more "God ye're sad" type of way.

I spent most of my time tonight in front of the television. And despite the normal state of television, it wasn't the worst. In fact, it was quite enjoyable. The new Doctor Who was rather silly and fun. I've never watched much of the other ones, but this seems not to take itself too seriously. The guy who plays that Doctor seems to be playing it as he has knowledge but no wisdom. Basically a more youthful doctor than I associated with other series (again didn't watch them much so not a lot of an idea). He also seems younger, more naive - which, I suppose, would go with the knowledge and no wisdom aspect. The special effects are still relatively laughable, as is some of the storyline. Which makes it all the more entertaining.

Then I finally saw Silence of the Lambs for the first time. Of course, having dogs (and parents away on holidays) meant that I had to let them out just at the point where Hannibal is standing over the guards in his cell, looking triumphant. Man, there's something about Hannibal, or just the way Anthony Hopkins plays him that makes him a very likeable character. He possesses some degree of charm, and decorum. He's a sadist that will play games, certainly. But the games he plays are artfully constructed. Nothing about him is crass, at least not in that film. He derives a perverse pleasure from his little in-jokes, like asking for a second dinner of extra-rare lamb.

All the time I was singing the various songs of Silence of the Lambs the musical in my head. And I recognised lots of the lyrics as being actual lines in the movie... quite nice.

So yeah, one classic down. Many more to go.

And on a total brain-dead one, I decided to watch Sliding Doors, which was ok. It was going well until the end. And now, I've discovered one thing I do when I'm alone watching a film, I will Talk at it. Yes. I am that sad that I'll look at the main character and hope she picks up the phone and calls that character played by John Hannah and let me hear that lovely voice again.

Actually, on John Hannah. Am I the only one thinking that he's a bit of a John Wayne type of actor? Any time I've seen him, he seems to play the same character. Ok, the character is nothing like John Wayne's, but the consistency of characters is the same. There again, I don't care because he has the lovely scottish accent of his, and the character he tends to end up playing is one that I like anyway. It's a sorta insta-like mix... chatty, but chatty about the right things.

Of course, the ending kinda caught me off-guard. I started looking at it in a sorta quantum physics way. It's a thought exercise of "what if". Two universes that differed (initially) by only one event are played out side by side. One event and then follow the logical consequences (like most good sci-fi I find). So, I started thinking of it as a probability waveform (from what little I know of that stuff), and knew that for the story to be tied up, it had to collapse back to one. What I didn't get was the way it collapsed.

Gwyneth Paltrow is an excellent actress by the way... at least compared to the rest. She can act with her eyes. When John Hannah's character talks about her sad eyes, they are sad... they look like they lack a certain life to them. There are a few other instances where they eyes are exactly as they would be. Compared to some of the others, it's a refreshing change.

What I really want right now is to have those friends, that I can feel infinitely comfortable curling up with and watching random crap and talking pure and utter shite right into the night with, near just to watch stuff, pig out and talk utter shite with. Pretty much all of them are out of reach at the moment. Hell, one of them's over in England right now! I can't exactly text her and say "Oi! You! Park yerself over here tonight, wouldja?" and have her around in under an hour. Well, I could, but that would incur lots of expense for one or both of us.

Meh, I just want a bit of company for those times that I'm not working on my bedamned project. My working friends are working, and I'm finding there's less in common with them more and more. I mean, they go for dinner together and the like, and while they won't keep it a secret from me, I just can't afford to go to them. And like I said, most of the people I can talk utter shite with for a long while are out of reach, and they're the kinda people I really want around right now. This will pass. The holidays will be over soon.

I'll shut up now, which is probably a good idea.