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Fucking fundy pagans - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fucking fundy pagans [Feb. 3rd, 2006|07:07 pm]
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[mood |pissed offpissed off]

GAH! GAH! and GAH!

I met Chris today, along with Rose and Neil, and Suzy. See, Chris is a guy who wants to bring Pagansoc to new levels. Now, while I'll admit that Pagansoc needs work... a lot of work in fact. Actually we need a working committee - myself and Rose are mainly the two who are able to do anything, and we're in third year - then we can do more. To be honest, I don't see many potentials to take on the role of auditor - nobody from the committee anyway. And I'm not letting Tentacle boy take the helm. So, who runs it, I dunno - if I don't see anyone appear, well, there isn't the demand to have it exist. So it should fail. Simple as that.

Anywho, we had Chris trying to tell us what to do. I met up with Rose and Neil and Chris, and Suzy was there, waiting for Ellen. He had basically taken it upon himself to arrange these sorts of meetings and to essentially take that opportunity to tell us that we had to do more stuff. To be honest, I was glad Neil was there, as he was better able to articulate why we couldn't do certain things - like meet in public parks. But the problem is, Chris still won't listen as to why we don't do certain things HIS FUCKING WAY. In fact, he's only been to one meeting, he's only been to one or two coffee mornings, and he wants to criticise how things are done? He hasnt' been to enough to fucking judge. Yet he wants a meeting where he tells us that "We have to do more stuff". Fuck him right in the goddamn ass, with a LARGE CHAINSAW coated in BURNING NAPALM!

Thing is, I wouldn't mind, but it's not like he can run even run a good meeting. I mean, yes, stuff is done, and it actually gives myself and Rose a quick chance to arrange things that aren't working right now. But we had a meeting that consisted of Chris repeating that "We need to do more stuff" and talking about trips to Wicklow. To be honest, I doubt there are others that want to go there, and I'm not running the "Shuttle Chris to Wicklow" society. To be honest, I don't see why we should do the exotic things while he refuses to realise that we're doing a lot of what he wants, except that the people aren't coming forward.

Anyway, in the end, one and a half hours later, we go down to the blob. At this point he's trying to convince me that going to a men's-only group would be a good thing. After, he gets caught up in a conversation with Neil. So, myself and Rose make a break to do some actual work like booking rooms and whatnot. After a while, I come back and chris decides he's going to ask me for closure on the meeting we had. WHAT THE FUCK? It was 5pm! And he was looking for closure?

I pointed out that it would have been a good idea to get closure while everyone was still there. But no. He decided that closure meant him re-iterating that "We need to do more", at which point I snapped. I was not calm. I pointed out that, yes, we knew this. I pointed out that we'd established this, but that we had to get people before we could take any more affirmative action... because we need people if anything's going to happen. We present things to people, and if they bite, GREAT. But we can't do anything til we get that shit done.

A few minutes later, I got up and left and went home. I was going to go home, except I decided I was going to stay and just chat to Neil. As far as I was concerned the meeting was over. And I wasn't going to let it eat into more time, especially if I was in that sort of mood. So, I didn't get to tell Neil the gory details of the Sun job. Which is a pity.

Doesn't stop me getting pissed off at Chris though.

Come to think of it, he's the second person to deserve an actual tagging in my LJ. Just because he's that annoying.

From: chebe
2006-02-03 09:21 pm (UTC)
Anger is good! Perhaps you could suggest he set up his own society. Seeing as he has definite views on the direction he wants to take. Afterall the Christains have like three societies, at least one of which is a bit fundie.

Otherwise, think of hot-chocolate, and more Joe lectures!
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