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So yeah, Christmas. Hope people had a good one. Kinda cool. 1 set… - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 28th, 2005|03:29 am]
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So yeah, Christmas. Hope people had a good one.

Kinda cool.

1 set of adjustable Ribbon Poi,
1 set of Fire Poi,
1 bottle of shaving gel,
1 bottle of shaving balm,
1 WWF t-shirt with a leopard on it,
1 USB-powered hamster in a wheel.

and some money.

The poi are cool! The fire poi handle like a dream! They're smooth but heavy. I.e. I could redefine my definition of pain with this.

But yeah, it was extremely fun to play with. They're over twice as heavy as any other set that I own - I reckon I could dub them my work-out poi. So yeah, even though I wouldn't have bought myself a set of fire poi any time soon (I would have looked into making them to be perfectly honest) I found that they're really nice even as normal poi. I'll probably not be setting 'em on fire just yet... but it's still cool.

The adjustable poi leave a bit to be desired. They're like chebe's fuzzy poi insofar that the length of the cord is determined by the position of a toggle on the string. Only problem is, the toggle's spring isn't strong enough, and as a result requires that I tie a knot just above the position of the toggle so that it doesn't slip when I spin them. Otherwise, they're not too bad, but I'll probably just stick with my Mouse Poi... I prefer poi that aren't based on a hollow object like a tennis ball (like my big poipoi ribbon poi and this adjustable set), but rather something like a bag of beans/seeds (like the mouse poi and my original set of poi).

The USB-powered hamster was a cool present for the Kris Kindle, except for the minor fact that when I actually used it today, it wasn't that good. The idea in itself was lovely. A little fake hamster in a wheel, and the wheel turns as you type. Of course, that's a windows bit, and I was kinda hoping it would just spin if I plugged it in, which it doesn't. I was thoroughly amused though to see windows recognise it as a "USB Human Interface Device". But at any rate, if it wasn't for the fact that the wheel turns noisily and slowly, it's quite cool. I really like the idea, and reckon my extended family know me far too well if they got me something like that. At the bottom of the box was "We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing"... something that I resonate all too well with. :)

Shaving gear I've not tried yet, but looks cool.

The t-shirt is muy cool.

Presents to the folks seem to have gone down ok. My dad liked his dubliners dvd, and my mum... I wasn't sure if I should have gotten her bath stuff or not, but she seems to like it. I got her some strawberry shower jelly and a selection of soaps from Lush, and a blend of oils called "Sandal" in a shop in Stephen's Green. She really seems to like the oil blend - I figured she would as I know she likes Sandalwood (the indian kind, not the australian kind). Also my cousin seemed to like his present for the Kris Kindle. Basically my parents said "How about we get poi and a magic kit for him?" and they did. And I showed him how to use the poi, and he's learning the magic tricks by himself. His sister also seemed to enjoy the poi and really liked the stories I was telling her of the Handbags and Gladrags event.

Of course, what's hitting me now is the fact that what I was really hoping for over the last 7 christmasses still hasn't come. Time to put that hope back in its bubble wrap and take it out again next christmas. Although that didn't happen until very very recently. Maybe I'm just tired.