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Random ramblings - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Random ramblings [Nov. 22nd, 2005|09:11 am]
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[music |VNV Nation - Empires]

Frst thing - there's something about VNV that makes me REALLY wanna do poi. Lots of poi! Until I burn into a little crisp in the corner. A satisfied crisp.

Which reminds me, hah... yeah. I really shouldn't be let near those little candles that live in glasses. You know a little shallow glass and a nightlight. Yesterday I sat in the front lounge with friends try to put out the candle by placing my hand over the top of the glass. *Baby-talk voice* Whoooza stupid bunny? Whooza stupid little bunny? Yes... I am. I'm a stupid little bunny. *Back to adult voice* Yeah that wasn't clever. I have a blister now. Actually the last time I was doing that, I was hanging around the same people... note to self: get new sanity or friends. Further note to self: neither is going to be easy.

So anyway, turning perversity back upon itself...

dot dot dot

Yeah, so my dad's done somefink interestink: he's decided to buy me a new phone for christmas. Now, perhaps a little bit of background (and Adam, no smart comments). I just got a new phone. Y'see, my previous phone was going downhill quite spectacularly. For the past year or so it's had a crack in the screen cover. It was a Fibbers-related accident... nothing huge. But just from sheer (ab)use, the keypad was beginning not to notice that I'd hit a button. The battery was developping a memory (I don't want my phone to be a historian, I want it to be a PHONE gaddammit). The buttons were going a bit round. It was putting on some weight around the jowels... Anywho, yeah, it was getting old, tired and broken. I'd had it for about 2 years.

So, then G said that as she was going home that I could have hers, which is exactly the same model. Seeing as I finally turned up in Dominion about 2 saturdays ago, I actually got it. It's so weird, my thumb is used to finding the crack in the screen, and now it's just running over a piece of plastic that is in fact one piece. The buttons actually work first time, and they still feel new. The cover doesn't pop off at a moments' notice. So, yes.

Now... back to last weekend when I was told that my dad's thinking of getting me a phone. No offense, but I have a rather decent one again! So if it's to be of any use it has to be pretty nerdy. Thing is, nerdy means expensive... especially if you're prepay. Hell, even the range of most prepay phones are limited, especially if you're on meteor. They seem to have the policy of cheap and cheerful, which I normally agree with, but if I wanna stay with meteor (which I do - people always look at me oddly when I say this, but I do!) then I need to stick with their range of phones. Which means no Series 60 phones for me - and I was thinking if I was to go nerdy with a phone, I'd go for a S60 phone mainly because I can run python on the blasted things - I mean, how much more nerdy can you GET with a phone? "Hmm, what language will I write in for my phone today? Java, Python or C++?" I mean, you can't get more technophilic without dropping your pants (or just not wearing them in the first place... but let's not go there).

Of course, that's a moot point, when I look at what's on offer it reinforces what I thought once he said it - there's no point. I mean, yes, there's what looks like a lovely phone offered by meteor, the 6230i... but in fairness, it's 289 euro. IF he's willing to spend that, fine. But if he's just thinking of anything less, I already have a phone. So why not put it to better use like a workshop with Martin Duffy. It's cheaper, especially the "Spirit in the city" workshop that he doesn't seem to have on the site just yet. Basically, it's a 6 wednesday course in town doing lots of shamanic stuff - that's like 175 euro, cheaper than the phone I was looking at.

Of course, I don't want to look a gift in the mouth. There again, to me, I'm then looking another gift in the mouth.

And the thing is, I've just written lots of stuff that is just so fucking TRIVIAL. What's this but a number of kilobytes wasted about me humming and hawwing about a phone, and general presents. I sound like a bloody needy child whining about gifts I am and amn't getting. *deadpan* Wah! *Enough with the dead pan*

This and I still can't track down the present I want to get for a friend of mine... which is a little more important.

To top this - It took most of a VNV Nation album to do it. Full circle.

In other news, did my IBM exam yesterday, look like it went ok.

[User Picture]From: countess_dracul
2005-11-22 11:50 am (UTC)
Lol I've never heard of those workshops, but I live just beside them! Lol I've been wondering what they do in that place!
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