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Long weekend - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Long weekend [Feb. 28th, 2005|01:15 am]
So, this weekend was a long one.

I was at USI LGBT standing conference, and things weren't always as they seemed. I was fairly sure of what ways I was going to vote on things, but they changed. Actually I think I'll post on that some other time.

By the way, this was something that I have mentioned to many people as one of my irks, and yet again it surfaces - overcompensation. It happens in trannies, and if they (and everyone in contact with them) are lucky, it's only a phase. But by god is it an ANNOYING one!

There's being female... and I don't know about most of these people but most of the female friends I know do NOT act like a fucking Drag Queen, nor do the majority of them wear illfitting dresses that are worn in the wrong season (I do not mean in a fashion sense but in the sense of skimpy in cold days)... well not the ones I know, but I don't know any commerce burds.

Actually thinking about it, the Overcompensating Tranny (MTF variety, not met many overcompensating FTMs) is rather like the Commerce Burd in a lot of respects. They're both, by virtue of the fact that they are a multicellular organism, capable of a higher level thought than they appear to be on. They wear FAR too much makeup, although the Overcompensating trannies tend towards Yellow as opposed to Orange. They both tend towards ill-fitting clothes. They both tend towards clothes that are far too cold for the weather at hand. In short: They're both parodies of femininity. Of course, as for the issue what femininity actually is... I'm not touching that one with a very very long pole.

Of course, then there's that particular brand of overcompensation that you meet via trannies. The use of the term "femail" for e-mail. Why? I wish they could explain Why On Earth they feel it is necessary to put an f in front of email? Is this some testament to their femininity? To me, and I'm sure to others, it just makes them look like a fricking prat!

I really wish I could kick people up the arse and remind them that any trans stuff if about being yourself, not about trying to be a parody of something else - that's what DRAG is for!