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Pimp my Site - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pimp my Site [Aug. 1st, 2005|05:13 am]
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[mood |amusedamused]

Oh man, I love late night/early morning conversations... I come up with strange ideas!

04:57:44AM D_C >>> You know - I really should help out my dad's friend who's running this website : **Edit: Expletive deleted**
04:58:28AM D_C <<< Oh yes, you really really should :S That's horrendously laid out
04:58:40AM D_C >>> He's using frontpage...
04:58:45AM D_C <<< Ewwwwww
04:58:57AM D_C >>> I really wanna just a/ give him a copy of dreamweaver
04:58:59AM D_C <<< I'm NOT a frontpage fan
04:59:06AM D_C >>> or b/ Do up a nice CMS for him
04:59:19AM D_C <<< Either would be a mercy! :P
05:00:15AM D_C >>> Still neither would help his choice in background colours :/
05:00:35AM D_C <<< Yeah, that's pretty darn hijeous alright :S
05:01:13AM D_C >>> Still... it's better than tranniehaven.com
05:05:19AM D_C >>> My gd, there's another tranny out there called Aoife... because I know damned well that I didn't help with the site in any way shape or form!
05:06:46AM D_C <<< WTF is up with that GIF of the girl walking? That almost made me pee myself laughing :P
05:09:07AM D_C <<< This site is so badly coded it's unreal
05:10:06AM D_C >>> This is another site I want to help
05:10:28AM D_C >>> The first thing I'd tell her would be to ditch Yahoo Web fucking hosting
05:12:12AM D_C >>> Or if she's upgrading, I'd get her php and database sorted
05:12:29AM D_C >>> Aoife does - Pimp My Website
05:12:44AM D_C <<< Yeah, defo. It's stupidly long waiting for it to load
05:12:47AM D_C <<< LOL!
05:13:20AM D_C >>> I'm gonna hook her up with a 32 inch chrome Gallery 2 software. This works with mysql AND php. Fo' Real Dawg
05:14:03AM D_C <<< XD
05:14:03AM D_C <<< LMAO - okay, forget your gadgets show on the aP TV channel, this will be your show! XD
05:14:04AM D_C >>> Then I'll give her a custom CMS interior.
05:14:47AM D_C >>> Louise, take one last look at your website - when we're done with it, it'll be a whole different beast! People won't be ashamed to be seen at your site
05:15:57AM D_C >>> You're aware that this conversation may well end up on my LJ :)
05:16:08AM D_C <<< Go for it! :P

You know it makes sense!

**Edit: Man did this bite me in the ass!**

[User Picture]From: granite_lullaby
2005-08-01 04:28 am (UTC)
The fact that you signed off from that convo by saying " *Wavicles* " Seals your doom as a nerd.

. . .

The fact that I got the joke seals mine.
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[User Picture]From: tearsofzorro
2005-08-02 11:57 pm (UTC)
At least I didn't sign off with "*Particles*" as I've been known to do.
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