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Decompression - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Decompression [Oct. 3rd, 2016|01:18 am]
The workweek consisted of high-intensity shit, with occasional bouts of after-work decompression. I was bone-tired by Tuesday, let alone the end of the week.

The weekend started with drumming, then the next day was signing into Féile D (at full price, because even though I don't really get anything out of it, and haven't for the last few years, I remember when I did and want it to keep going), while ducking off to a puddle.

After, I came back to the hotel that Féile was in, and hung out with folks. A fatigue headache told me I hadn't really eaten anything substantial so, I ate, and drank. By about 8pm, I tottered home with a lingering headache, and a dodgy stomach. I'm still not sure if it was just the week taking its toll, or if I have a cold coming on, but I got home, threw up then slept around 16 hours.

But, the strangest thing is: it wasn't really a bad end to the day... It just forced some badly needed downtime on me. So I didn't begrudge it.

When I got up today, and had a moment to myself, I started thinking about random stuff (I was thinking of something game-dev/programming related) and I realised that not once did I think about work or any of my usual shit on Saturday. It was like I was in a little bubble outside of reality, and if that bubble had to end a bit earlier, then so be it.

All told, it was a good Saturday.