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This seems inappropriate for facebook somehow - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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This seems inappropriate for facebook somehow [Nov. 6th, 2015|06:17 pm]
A few days ago, at lunchtime, I went into the canteen and found someone from our customer sitting on her own, staring at our company's propaganda TV in the corner. My friend and I sat down at the same table.

She's a... well, the technical term is Product Owner; she steers the technical decisions of a team that contributes to the same product I do. She has to visit our office every few weeks, so she's been seen around the place for months.

Anyway, because I was at the table as her, I got to talking with her. I think I complimented her nail varnish (it was cool, it was a dark glitter - good for a post-halloween vibe), and commented on how very interesting our propaganda screen isn't.

Myself and my friend got talking with her. We got to hear about her travels with work, and some of the projects she worked on. I mentioned that I'd seen her smoking on occasion, and she announced she'd quit smoking about a month ago. My congratulations were sincere.

As our lunch ended, she thanked us for actually talking to her. Apparently it's common enough that when she's here, nobody on the project actually talks to her.

I felt so ashamed when she told me this. Not angry, not proud for doing the right thing, just ashamed of my workmates.