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Same storm; bigger teacup. - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Same storm; bigger teacup. [Nov. 13th, 2010|03:14 am]
It's amazing how even if you leave college, college never leaves you. I have an odd musing about degrees and the like but it's not that.

So, I was having dinner with friends, and we got talking about old acquaintances, and the shit they pulled. In fact, some things people did things that caused a major storm in a teacup, with the teacup just being a relatively small bunch of people.

After college, you move on; you meet, and work, with different people. You're introduced to different social circles than in college, and those old groups generally disperse. Such is the way of things. Sometimes you gravitate back to each other, but all of you have trod different paths, and you all see bigger pictures than when you were in college. You're different people meeting again.

Then you find someone from your college years, causing the same sort of storm as before, just in a bigger teacup. Half a decade, or even a whole one, is both a long and a short time for someone to change. So here's the rub, if you see the same storm, with the same characteristics, only bigger, can you assume they're pulling the same crap as before?

[User Picture]From: nanocreturns
2010-11-13 10:49 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: nycelle
2010-11-14 10:55 am (UTC)
I came across a situation like this recently (possibly the same one, but I'm not sure). In the case I'm thinking of, assuming they're pulling the same crap is dangerous and unethical. Assuming they are not is equally dangerous and unethical.

People shouldn't be hanged based on past behaviour. But sometimes logic dictates that they really should.

Conclusion: People = troubling.

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[User Picture]From: tearsofzorro
2010-11-14 09:20 pm (UTC)
In the case I'm thinking of, assuming they're pulling the same crap is dangerous and unethical. Assuming they are not is equally dangerous and unethical.

From that reply, it sounds like we may well be talking about the same situation (but I'm not sure either). At any rate, I fail at neutrality on this issue because of what happened in college - the stakes were too high then, and they're even higher now that the teacup is bigger. Sure, this crap was only pulled once, but you can only pull that crap once in any given teacup and have any chance of getting away with it.

Working with a sample size of one is, to use your phrase, dangerous and unethical, which is exactly why I'm not naming names or linking to the incidents in question. Nor am I weighing in on discussions (outside of this one) mentioning anything of this because : a) it would be involving others without obtaining their permission first; b) I was only on the very edges, and only knew about it because friends were involved, and so have no first-hand experience (in fact, I think it was you who filled me in about the original situation in college).

After your comment, I think I've calmed a bit. All I can hope is that, if the same crap is being pulled that is, it comes to light. If it's not, then I hope justice is served; even if it has been brought to the eyes of the bigger teacup in an arse-about-face manner. All I know is the formation of this sort of situation has previously been a tool employed by the party in question - I can't know for sure if it's been used this time.

Also, sorry for all the vagueness - it leads to confusing terms, but I want to give as little as possible away lest it get sucked into the on-going storm.
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[User Picture]From: thisisjustmenow
2010-11-16 08:20 pm (UTC)
Have (I think) just twigged what you're talking about (after being confused for a moment), and I agree with your feelings on this.

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