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Synchronicity is a weird thing. Just this week, I was composing… - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 15th, 2010|02:02 am]

Synchronicity is a weird thing. Just this week, I was composing another "Woe-is-me" LJ post about work burnout; the essence being that I feel like I'm moving from one anti-burnout crisis strategy to the next. I just feel like I walk into my current job, work flat out, nearly burning myself out in an attempt to meet the requirements. That and the fact that even though I work doing something that I like, the aspects of the job I'm in don't really fit me.

I started reminiscing about my previous internship, and thinking that I stopped working properly somewhere around 3rd year, and never really got back to a proper working ethic or style, and that I can't really meet the pace required, or at least do it without breaking some sort of sweat.

Anyway, yesterday, I met one of my workmates from my old group. He told me that with the recent acquisition, that group is getting 3 new permanent positions. He kinda hinted that if I wanted to apply, I'd be welcome (not very overtly, just a "If you know any people who want to apply, let them know; you could even come back if you wanted to"). So now I'm in contemplation mode.

Back to a job I know, a team that I know I work well with, and most importantly, a team that I don't really have to pretend with (my current team are VERY testosterone-y). I also reckon it's easier to make a difference in that team. However, my old manager is gone, and the new one isn't used to dealing with people on our level (basically, once their original manager left, the team started reporting directly to the manager above). I know the pace is less hectic, but under the new regime, the function of the group will have a more valued role if we play our cards right, which may impact the pace. But there'll be increased visibility, and opportunities for me to deal with people outside my group; it's something that I've been missing from my current job.

So now I'm debating. Obviously, one way or the other, I'm pretty much fine. But I'm just trying to find the final cincher one way or the other (the possibility of bad management counts for a lot against the new job, especially as he's remote).

Anyway, thinking to be done, but just thought I'd let folks know.