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Fun plugging [Apr. 7th, 2010|06:09 am]
And to provide some light entertainment after the last long whiny post, I recommend this Transylvania TV Christian Bale piss-take (NSFW if you have the sound on speakers).

For those that don't know, Transylvania TV is a very fun "retro monster comedy that's really not for kids" show on the web. If you're really into 'em, they're trying to raise money for an appearance on TV for Halloween (see this page for more details), so I'm sure your support will be appreciated.

In other plugging news, check out Ellie G on Ellie G's bandcamp store, Ellie G's blog and Ellie G's facebook.

Both are very good and deserving of your attention/monies.

So that's my feel-good plugging done. Anyone with vested interests in those I plugged, let me know if anything's wrong with the links I provided (if you don't want a particular one in there etc etc).

All others, enjoy the creativity that these people have chosen to share with the world.