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Feliz navidad - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Feliz navidad [Dec. 24th, 2009|03:58 pm]
So I'm in Lanzarote, enjoying the weather, even if it has been raining at some point for 5 of the 6 days I've been here. At the risk of making people jealous, when I got on the plane in Dublin, when the temperature was about 2 degrees, I couldn't imagine it being any warmer anywhere else; I just couldn't imagine warmth. Now I'm here, I can barely imagine the bone-chilling, mind-numbing cold back home.

By the way, I'm writing this from my (what was in February) shiny new EeePC in a bar. It's far more comfortable, despite the cramped keyboard of the Eee, than wandering into some internet cafe with a strange, slow, unfamiliar machine and sticky keyboard. I have to admit, though, I was reluctant to begin the wifi hunt. I mean, it's nice to access the internet from time to time but, this year, I'm not hooked on kingdom of loathing, itching to log on every day to get my basic chrimbo tasks done. This time I could argue that I can take my time before logging on for the first time. So I took my time. Now that I've got myself a working pattern, I'm slightly worried that I'll be spending more time in the shade of bars rather than out in the sunshine.

Anyway, things are good, even on cloudy days, we see about 22 degrees, and I'm chillin' like a mofo. I'm even getting creative again, writing bits and pieces, drawing and exploring knotwork, that sort of thing. By the way, do any folk know if there are any studies on what discrete tasks (no matter how simple) those inebriated on THC (stoners, for the lay folk) are good at? (I'm assuming they're tasks that do not rely on short-term memory in any way)

By the way, first report of how Irish weather has been the past week will win a prize (bottle of tipple of choice maybe). My mother wants nice dire reports of ice and snow, just so she can feel all smug over here, even if we do have some overcast days here. :)

Otherwise, happy Christmas to all that celebrate it, and belated happy Winter Solstice to those who celebrate that. For the rest, I offer appropriate sentiments that you associate with this time of the year - up to, and including, "bah humbug" if necessary (which is one of the reasons we're not in Ireland at the moment).