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Safe and sound - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Safe and sound [Sep. 24th, 2009|08:41 pm]

So I've arrived here. I've been toying with releasing my location, but it's almost more fun to give hints and let people guess. If you get it, you win a lollipop, and a certain sense of smugness.

Anyway, yesterday was a hard enough slog. Up just befor 6am, then ferry to Wales and 6 hours of train journies I arrived. By the way, I nearly got run over in the train station. I really didn't expect roads to be running through it. Seriously. First thing, once I was through the barriers was look up towards shop names and signs to orient me. Then I noticed I nearly walked onto a road.

At any rate, I walked into a nice lastminute.com office that set me up with accommodation. Turns out I eneded up in a B&B within reacharound distance of the gay district (unfortunately, it's also directly opposite the HQ of the Rod Stewart fan club). Walk one way down the street I'm on, and I apparently hit a gay bar all on its lonesome, but if I walk into town (wow is it hilly - I'm kinda glad I didn't bring skates) I pass by a number of gay bars and cafes. I was in one cafe that was incredibly nice, and reasonably priced. I was slightly bouncy in that when I asked where the loos were, I was directed towards the ladies - either I was read as trans and they were cool with that (most likely) or I passed (less likely, but in which case, I remember someone pointing out that a foreign accent always helps in such matters) - not bad for a completly bald tranny.

Also, in terms of where I'm situated, as I walk into town, I pass by a

Sculpture of a Giant Foot!

Only thing is, this morning I wandered around half the city, and decided to head back to the B&B to recoup. I ended up sleeping for a good 4 hours before waking up again (which was silly as I slept from 10pm to 8am the night before), which was a waste of an afternoon. However, the luck of it was that it was a thursday, so shops stay open a bit later, so I didn't lose too much wandering time, except for daylight hours.

The only other downside is the B&B doesn't have wireless, but a lot of places do. I was going to pull out my laptop in the cafe I ate in, but it was filling up, so it seemed like bad form, so I opted for an internet cafe. So, I may try to locate other hotspots, but it's not a biggie. Although, I find it mildly disturbing that there's a *chipper* ("chippy" to you UK folks) with a hotspot. Really, a chipper! Have your deep friend mars bar and net connection, maybe so you can go to an emergency services website, to order yourself an ambulance for the impending heart attack. (That said, I've had them before and they're nom)

Anyway, all in all, it's good, it's picturesque (despite not having hit the tourist spots just yet) and I'm enjoying myself.