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#crafty urges [Sep. 8th, 2009|12:18 pm]

I want to make something. Actually, no. I want to learn how to make things.

My job is one for head-dwellers, which I manage exceedingly well. However, my recreational activities also generally involve head-dwelling. I want to make something. I want to create something where the uninitiated look at it and say "Yes, but what does it do?". I want something tangible for my efforts, where I can show off something I made, and they can take it into their hands and touch it. I also don't want it to be head-dwelly.

I want to make something with my hands, but I don't want to write, draw or paint - yes, it's creative, but it involves doing too much in my head. As chebe put it so succinctly last night, I want something crafty, not arty. (It's kinda funny, though, that she used that word, as it had a particularly loaded meaning for me during my teens - don't ask, I won't tell)

So now, at the time of enrollment for evening courses, I'm looking for potential courses to learn how to do these things. Ideally, I'd love to learn sewing, or knitting, or jewelery making (not beading though). If you're wondering why those, sewing because it's practical, knitting and jewelery because I love knotwork, and love the intricacies of that sort of thing (and it might hold to a certain degree with sewing).

Any good recommendations for any of the above would be very, very welcome.

[User Picture]From: aesthetistician
2009-09-08 02:41 pm (UTC)
Not an evening course, but I feel I must take this opportunity to pimp origami. It starts out as paper and ends up as... paper in a different shape! Often resembling a thing!
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