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Wanderings - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Wanderings [Sep. 6th, 2009|04:25 pm]

As the year marches on, I find myself wanting to wander more. I've been working long stretches, and I have a lot of leave. At the start of the year, I thought I'd burn through it more than I have. I've just taken it for occasionally bridge days, and other days off, and as a result, I'm left with a massive chunk that's looking for some attention before the end of the year.

The end result is the idea of a magical mystery tour. Last time I did that, I managed to burn most of my friends because I didn't tell most of them that I was going to travel until I was sailing out on the Ferry and essentially sent a text saying, "I'm going inter-railing. I'll see you all in a month or so." I still stand by my reasons for doing so, although I'm sure I could have handled it better as, looking back on it, it's a pretty ass-holey thing to do. Given that I'd like to hang onto my friends, consider this my notification of intent to bugger off.

Given that circumstances are different this time, it's only going to be a week of wandering, and I have to give my company notice that I might be taking off for a stroll of foreign climes, it's probably better to let everyone know.

I have an idea of where I'm going to be going, but I'm open to persuasion. Mainly, I'm looking at somewhere in the UK (I was initially thinking Ireland, but that's since fizzled in my head for some reason). I'm not looking for travel partners (I want to do this solo), or to couch-surf, or anyfink of that ilk, but just suggestions for a city in the UK (but just not London - I've been there a lot, and know I'd just end up vegging in Camden for the entirety of the week, which isn't what I want) that would probably occupy me for the guts of a week.

I'm probably looking at some time close to the end of September. I'll be making this a "Proper" journey by going by sail and rail (I have this thing where sitting down in a big box with other people for a number of hours, with nothing to see but white fluffy stuff out the windows, is not actually Travel, it's just sufficiently advanced magic), so I'd prefer somewhere with an actual train station - however, unlike Ireland, that doesn't really limit my choices.

However, be warned, once I decide on somewhere, I might not actually announce my destination until I return.

[User Picture]From: lilacfaeryboy
2009-09-07 07:10 am (UTC)
Hello there, hop you have fun :)
As for suggestions, well...Bath is a beautiful city with a lot to do in and around the area, as SOmerset itself is pretty gorgeous and England actually has public transport :)
Also, I love Edinburgh...its amazing! Chester is very pretty, but I dunno how it would be for a week. I've also heard Exeter is very nice and personally I'd love to see Scarborough because it sounds pretty!
Thats just my two-cents-worth! Oh, and Manchester is...okay. I didn't like it particularly, but there is a very good gay area if that was what you were after. Also, it is only a train journey from Chester, Blackpool, Liverpool...which is a plus. I think...
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[User Picture]From: ebel
2009-09-07 08:00 am (UTC)
I like the idea. I'd like to do that sometime. But on a motorbike, and just ride around Scotland or something. :P I can't think of anything though. Thanks to Tom I've only really seen various parts of the west midlands, and although it's nice, it's just meh.
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