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So I watched Wolverine with motosycho last night. The… - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 5th, 2009|12:23 pm]
So I watched Wolverine with motosycho last night.

The impression I get from the fan-boy is that if the film was a soldier in Vietnam, the canon history would be a Vietcong villager in the mudhut and that soldier would be very naughty soldier indeed. Even from my own, non-Wolverine-fandrogyne perspective, I found myself looking at the film and thinking, without any outside prompting, that this should just be thought of as a story that just happens to have X-men style characters in there.

I also found myself wondering how much series like Heroes have influenced it. My feeling towards Wolverine in previous films was just that I liked his character. This time, I got a certain Claire-Bennet-ish feeling off him, even though I'm sure if I went back again, I wouldn't get that.

One thing that I wasn't sure about, and I'm sure that all the Wolverine fans can actually come along and engage in the social act of geekakke (it's like nerdgasming but with more people and a central focal point), was did Wolverine start out with bony protrusions or was that just added later. I knew he always had the healing aspect, and that's why they infused him with adamantium, but I was never sure if the blades were a result of that, or something more innate. I could easily believe it being either way, especially as the Spiderman film decided to make Parker's webfluid wrists actually be something innate when the canon history suggested that it was him that knew how the fluid worked, and that he synthesised his own and made some devices to shoot it. In some ways, I like this half-way approach because it means that he's using more than nature gave him. But as I said, with Wolverine, I really don't know which way it originally worked.

You might notice I'm picking up on details more than the actual film itself. That's because it was generally forgettable as a film. There's the standard "mutant meets mutant. Mutant gets drafted into special military branch. Mutant leaves military. Mutant gets screwed over in some way. Mutant seeks revenge" storyline with appropriate southern state accents for the mutants, and obligatory gravelly accents for the military. Overall, nothing impressive. The effects were good, but as I said, it's like they said "Well, if a cheerleader can do healing in Heroes, so can Wolverine". I dunno, I like fights where I feel some emotional investment. But meh. Not hugely taken by the whole thing, and I don't even have much investment in the whole Wolverine line.

[User Picture]From: motosycho
2009-05-05 01:24 pm (UTC)
Hes always had the bones, found out after Magneto ripped his adamantium away from him in Siege Perilous storyline afair...annnd i tink ill stop now.. Really early bit of retcon.. He's always had the healing ability. Tis why he was immortal for a good long while.. till the retconned that right out.. Bah. And Sabretooth!??! WTF!! ....cry...
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[User Picture]From: tearsofzorro
2009-05-06 12:10 am (UTC)
Ok, the bones make sense. I just never got the sense of the claws were part and parcel with his abilities. From my limited exposure to xmen in general (it was mainly those 90s cartoons that influenced me there), I never got more detail than "Hey we're going to infuse this stuff into his skeleton, AND by the way, notice the claws? huh? huh? claws? That's why he has them now. And remember, kids, don't fuse adamantium into your skeletal structure at home". As I said, it would have fit both ways - either as a half-way mark, like spiderman, where he has something and works towards more, or just as something to explain how he can even bring them out at will.

And thank you, I've been trying to figure out who this Vincent guy was in the greater scheme of things. I knew he seemed like someone I should know. To give them their due, they did at least get the cat-like qualities in there from the beginning.
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