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Fun weekend. - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fun weekend. [Jan. 12th, 2009|12:49 am]
[Tags|, ]
[music |Tinocat - The Idiots]

Recently I was thinking how much less interesting my life had become. I mean, back in Surrey, I had a lot of drama. There again, back in the day, my world was a lot smaller, so everything in there just seemed so much bigger (that said, I just tried to smack down a spud mod for posting waffle). Anyway, I remember describing all the emotional turmoil and the political movings of a very, very small pond to a person that I could only really refer to as my trans-mammy or possibly my trans-big sister. At one point she stopped me and said, "Wait there for a second. You realise that this could actually be written to be a very elaborate soap-opera? Of course, the watershed would have to be so late that nobody would be able to watch it."

Anyway, I was thinking of what she'd said to me, and I thought that my life had settled much more. The closest to something that hectic and chaotic was a few years ago. There again, I wondered if either my life or my perception of my life had normalised somewhat. I mean, Los Drahmahz with the Brizzle/Bradford lot didn't really seem that unusual until I was in the middle of telling said mammy - until that point, I was in the thick of it and couldn't see the wood from the trees. I think my life has become more 'normal' by greater society's standards, but also the weird bits that are there - yeah, it's day to day. Yeah, I'll put out whiskey when I've lost something. Sure, I'm a transgirl of no fixed gender, with no hair anywhere but her legs. No really, I do have this weird split identity between workmates and friends - and no, it's not quite in the way that most people do. And, oh hell yes, I'd scare the living daylights out of my 16/17 year old self.

So anyway, besides having a kickass Friday - which I felt slightly guilty about, given that I was double-booked, but it seems I needn't have, because the other plan seemed to wash out - I went to a birthday party last night. I'll not say much, but it has got to be one of the more interesting parties I've been to. It's reinforced that to a large degree I'm not vanilla, even though I don't identify as one of the more neopolitan flavours.

Also, there were threats to lock myself and two others in a room, with pizza (we have to eat), with us not to be released until things happened. It really wasn't a bad prospect, and may have catalysed a snugglefest... which was fun. It's doubly interesting because I realised that I don't tend to whine a lot about people being snuggly - I'm perpetually single, it's not in my best interest in any way to moan about it, if I need the situation to change I have to do something about it. Sure, I know when to give people space, but if I complained every time someone was couply in my presence, I'd be listening to Deirdre Flint a lot more. Anyways, snuggling is fun, and after enough "Why don't you two go on a date already?" comments, I guess I should take that as a hint.

So yeah, life got interesting again.

As a final note: after playing mario kart in work, I realise that some people's usernames are very personal; I play using my universal username, and realise that if anyone googled it, they'd find out a lot about someone called Aoife, as opposed to the guy they work with. So, just now, I googled the most unique of the other usernames and found a co-workers band, with a link to one of the guys in our sister-team in Prague. Kinda weird. (This also stemmed from a stalking conversation that I may have mentioned as a result of playing Assassins in UCD) However, the music seems to be pretty cool, nice ambient sorta stuff that makes me think of Alpinestars, Lemon Jelly and some others.