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Toastmasters [Dec. 14th, 2008|03:17 am]
I've not been to Toastmasters in a while, mainly because of other social engagements or feeling too wrecked from Sun. For some reason, I decided it was a good idea to go last Thursday. It turns out it was the last one before the new year, and I've been roped into two things. On the 15 of Jan, I'm topicsmaster, and in February I'm giving my second speech.

So for the role of topicsmaster I need to come up with a metric crapload of topics to read out and randomly assign to members at the meeting, for them to talk about them for 2 minutes. It's generally accepted that the best ones to get people talking are the ones that are generic... like "Are you a cat or a dog person?" or "Licorice: Is it god's own food or the devil's pasta?", stuff like that. The problem is, I find it terribly difficult to come up with that sort of things, so I'm trying to work on them now.

In February I hope to have my tattoo by then, and so I can talk about how I got it and the reasons for it - you see, the second speech is about organising your thoughts and ideas for a speech, like having a firm beginning, middle and end, so I figure a linear story like how I came to getting my tattoo would be a good one.

I think in March, there'll be the famous/inspirational speeches night - I'm thinking of putting in for it, and aim for either The Sunscreen Song or Max Ehrmann's Desiderata... although I'm not sure how well Desiderata would go down, they're not so fond of references to sex or religion, although the God reference can be framed to be barely there, and it does say "whatever you conceive him to be" rather than one specific one. I'll have to see. Failing that, I could try for trying to track down a Kate Bornstein speech, but I fear that the Dublin Toastmasters isn't ready for that yet.