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...Tidi(ous), Tici - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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...Tidi(ous), Tici [Aug. 11th, 2008|05:10 am]
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[music |Katy Perry - I kissed a girl]

Ever find yourself unable to stay out of certain roles for long? Well, I seem to be facing this right now. Two separate people have approached me about re-involving myself with a particular organisation. I have well over a month to think about this, but despite all rational thought, I might actually do it. At the moment, I'm blissfully unaware of matters behind their closed doors, except from what I hear from people, and word has reached me about an issue that I might be able to help with. Actually, it sounds like a job that only myself and only a select few others could do. The problem is, while I'd be happy to grumble for its own sake, all while doing the job, there's a fundamental problem insofar that, as I've said, the arcane secrets of the job are known only to the erudite few. This places undue pressure on that cabal, while also locking the larger group into a dependent relationship with these people. In other words, it's a heavy, heavy lock-in. So what I'd rather want to do is what I've found myself to be good at, and change the nature of the game so that I'll be obsolete in a year. That means, no reliance on me or a successor; this is a good thing, because these people are rare as a eunuch's ball, and so you're bound to their ego, competence and work ethic until you find another. A non-profit org should never be in that position. Never. So, maybe I should just get myself into the position just to ensure that I can make myself obsolete.

I also feel a certain sense of responsibility to these people. I find it interesting that I'm possibly half the age of some of the other members of the group yet I have grasp of the blindingly obvious in general inter-organisational etiquette, or arranging and advertising small-scale events. Despite wanting to avoid stress, due to the dreaded lack of dreadlocks, I figure if I'm going to do it for a cause, it would be for them.

Speaking of causes and responsibility, I should finally be able to see my academic supervisor this week. I really don't know how I stand any more with regards to a postgrad, but I have ideas for my supervisor to look into. I'll see if he might be interested as proposing it as a final year project for this generation of poor impressionables, or there's a possibility that he might bite and ask if I'd be interested in following it up. To be honest, the ideas simply stem from me wanting to tackle unnecessary problems I encountered when I worked on VMAS, yet I can't find any papers or other material on what I'm thinking of, so we can see how it goes. Again, I want to mention these things to him because I feel some sort of responsibility to the work being done, and also because there are potentially interesting results. Watch this space.