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London called - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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London called [Jun. 17th, 2008|02:45 am]
For the second year running, I've missed the one event in Dublin that I really wanted to get to but couldn't. There was the Dublin street performer's competition weekend. This event is a showcase of some of the best performers, magic-makers and world-spinners you can think of. It was these people that taught me that it's not the complexity of what you do, but the involvement of the audience in what you're doing. It is the alchemy of turning technically simple lead into the gold of wonderment, applause and adulation of the audience.

I was around for the first of these competitions. At the time, I'd just finished my term running the pagan society in college, and I was burnt out to a crisp. My parents sent me to a guy who showed me some ways to see magic in the world again. At the height of this, I watched those performers. I felt I could see it all: the connections that they make with the audience; The worlds that they create, sharing them with any passer-by that cared to visit.

The third annual competition was on this weekend, and I was hoping to go. Instead, I hung out with a bunch of very cool people in London. There were show-people there too, so that made it all good. That same essence of showmanship persisted, and I got to meet people, hang about in London.

There's a lot of stuff I could go into, so I'll stop there, except to say that it was enormous amounts of fun, and that I met some very interesting folk. I'll write up some other thoughts soon.

From: spittingkittens
2008-06-17 01:07 pm (UTC)

*waves furiously*
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