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My weekend. - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My weekend. [Feb. 17th, 2008|04:21 pm]

So, I decided to volunteer for Lesbian Lives XV this year, mainly because they had Kate Bornstein and Barbara Carrellas as keynote speakers. I didn't get to see their actual keynote because I had to celebrate my mum's birfday, but otherwise I was about and able to attend Barbara's workshop (which was awesome) and Kate's survival tips talk. Both rocked, plus I got to talk to both of them on occasion.

One of the funnier bits, in my mind at least, was going up to Kate and asking if she'd sign something. I then offered her the choice of signing something she wrote, or something she didn't write. She left the choice to me, so I got her to sign "211 things a bright girl can do", which I just thought was a funnier prospect. Later I asked Barbara to sign Hello cruel world, and she asked "Wouldn't it be better to get Kate to sign this?", "Yeah, but I already got Kate to sign something she didn't write either." End result, two books signed by Kate. Now my next trick is to get my hands on Urban Tantra - the basis of Barbara's workshop, it rocked, and solidified a certain feeling I've had for the past while, that hackery, gender and magic are linked - you can't explain any of them, but if you get into the mindset of one, you can bring that mindset into the others with good effect. She agreed and pointed me to a geek culture site that kinda plays with some of that, but for the life of me I can't remember the address. I remember it was 2 words and all-one-word and dotcom. (I wonder how long will it be before alloneword becomes a single word in a dictionary - we talk about it so much when giving websites to each other)

The other thing was, at the end, after the survival tips and the "Postmodernism can save your life" bit, I realised she might like a bit of multi-agent systems, because in some cases the agents can take on and shed new roles, as and when they need to, so I hung around the periphery waiting for everyone else to say their piece - the only two workshops I was around for were Kate and Barbara's the rest of the time I was in the foyer waiting for someone to holler if there were problems, so I was able to see and talk to them when I was just in the foyer and all the delegates were in other workshops - but after a while she saw me (as I said, I was just hanging by the sidelines because I'd had a fair share of time talking to them already) and yeah, it was kinda special (got a hug as well), but I got to tell her, she seemed interested and said to send her on some of it.

I was bouncy after. I had fun