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Ugh. [Feb. 12th, 2008|11:03 pm]
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While I'm grateful and all that one of my lecturers put references to papers into his slides, he seems to have omitted the good sorts of references. Currently I'm trying to follow up on a "Huhn et al, 1983" paper. Sure, I can find a 1993 paper by him, and there are 1983 papers with his name on it, but he's not the primary name. If I had a little more to go on, like with, say, maybe, you know, a title or something.

I mean, I really appreciate that he has given us papers to reference, as it's coming in very handy for my interim report, but REALLY, I would like to find the paper quickly and easily so that I can actually study the thing, rather than go on a wild goose chase.

Nice guy, is this lecturer, and he's interesting, but if you're going to introduce us to the area of multi-agent systems by exposing us to papers, please, please, let us track them down properly.