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Yay, techie joy! - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yay, techie joy! [Dec. 28th, 2007|07:58 pm]
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Well, I'm getting a laptop for the coming semester. God knows I need it. It means I can avoid silly things like this, this, this, this, this and finally this.

Why would it stop things like that, well, up until now, my development environment has been college. Normally I had two, one at home and one in college. But it started to get to the point where I can't manage two, and have to take one. So, I took the one in college. Now, I'm going to just have one on my person. Meaning, I don't need to go to college to do work.

Now, bloodedrose and others will kill me for this, but I'm buying a Dell. Actually, we have a Dell Vostro 1500 on order (one of their most basic). It's got a nice cpu and overall seems to be low-frills but supplies everything I want. What I was going to go for was an Inspiron 1520, but they went and did something silly... they downgraded what they sell under that brand. They dropped the nvidia card and are only doing integrated intel cards. So, if I'm running linux on it, I'm not going to get nearly the level of shiny.

So, why Dell? They still sell XP on some of their machines. I've heard of bug reports where eclipse and java and others don't play well with Vista when it comes to reading files, and using relative paths and stuff. So, I'll stick with XP.

I have to say, Dell don't have a whole lot of good setups on their Irish site though.

Long story short, I'm getting a laptop for the first time in my life.

[User Picture]From: apocalypskorch
2007-12-30 11:25 pm (UTC)
Eeesh, hope the laptop helps, yes?
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