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Nerdy - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Nerdy [Jun. 8th, 2005|02:10 am]
[music |Maz Manson - Misery Machine]

So ebel followed my pisstake blog link and assumed that I meant what I said about MySQL on there. I'm beginning to think he's right.

The MySQL client seems like much more of a pain to use than the standard postgresql client! It's like there's a lot less clutter. I think it's down to the help. You type "\h" in both of them and you get help. In postgres it's actually relating to something you may want to do with your database... like look at what tables exist, or what databases exist, or the structure of your tables. I can find this out with mysql too, but I need the friggin' manual open - while in postgres, if I'm stuck, I just type "\h" and get a solid answer, as opposed to mysql where I need to load the 2.2 MB pdf and hop to the point where I find out how to see what tables exist. Grrr.

And which is the semi-commercial setup? (for some reason, you'd expect that something that a company makes a point of producing would have a half-decent interface) Yup. MySQL with its dual-licence goodness.

On the upside, I'm learning lots of cool things... mainly from the postgres info. Like R-trees look especially cool. The fact that the version I use supports it means that if I wanted to get really funky, and use it to record points, I could easily write a statement that returns points if they reside inside a polygon. Now that has to be kinda cool! A bit pointless for anything I wanna do at the moment, but I still like it!

But right now, I'm trying to give myself a crash course in how to use php with a database. For once w3 schools (www.w3schools.com) didn't leap to my rescue. Sure, it mentioned how to handle odbc stuff. But, somehow I get this idea that it's only half the story, and intended for windows users. So I needed to do some manual diving (php one) and I got a very nice solution.

Is it just me or is php DESIGNED to seem very like perl? Just with better object support? Which reminds me, must take on objects in php. I believe they're useful. Which reminds me, must take on python and objects. Which reminds me, must take on the Javascript/DOM stuff so I can create a netsoc buddy. Which reminds me, I must get a Java IRC client... or evaluate some of them, again for the netsoc buddy. Which also reminds me, we need to change our IRCd so we have access to intersocs again (they changed to hybrid, I dunno what we were before).

Which reminds me, after antics with netsoc, I'm becoming fully convinced that being a sysadminion is a full-time job! eeep! Now I want payment! I guess that explains the dinners. And now I'm waffling at speed. I wonder if I could break any sort of land-based waffling speed record or do I have to do it on some sort of desert, for the flat land? Maybe if I go up some mountain, and incline myself to go down the treacherous roads at speed, while waffling that might afford a better waffling speed.

Before exams, as far as redesigning the site went: it all seemed relatively insignificant! Now it's feeling horribly big! WHAT DID I DO?

Still I'll tackle it, and feel an enormous....

sense of satisfaction (I don't know what you were thinking I'd say!). :)

[User Picture]From: granite_lullaby
2005-06-08 02:14 am (UTC)
In the spirit of starting on the right foot, have a kumquat ;-)

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[User Picture]From: nanocreturns
2005-06-08 08:49 pm (UTC)
you certainly made us quiver with...


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