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Discovered a new comic Alien Love Predator. This seems disturbingly… - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 26th, 2005|11:24 pm]
[mood |apatheticMeh]
[music |Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road Out of Hell]

Discovered a new comic Alien Love Predator. This seems disturbingly entertaining... there again, I'm only 3 comics in.

Job hunting: still tracking. There were a few false leads. Saw some tracks, but they ran faster than I could catch 'em. A few look wounded and lame... or their feet may just be sore from going door to door trying to get people to join their cult, or give money to "charity" out of their bank account each month. In which case I'll leave them, but who knows there MIGHT be something (doubtful), before I go to hunt the caged chicken known as the Fast Food Market.

Do you know what's disturbing? The fact that people can say they've seen me on E4 - as a big brother hopeful. In fact my neighbour asked me about it today. Most people who recognise my face, will know exactly who I am when they see me. For those that don't, but watch the hopefuls videos: I'm the one in the lab coat with half their face done in sorta gothy makeup.

So, when I first heard, I panicked. "What did I say? What in the hell did I say?" which then grew to "Did I out myself? Did I just happen to out myself to the entire population of whoever was watching me?". Cue more panicking till I saw it for myself yesterday. Oooh, bad. I really didn't think my voice was that bad. Plus, I didn't think I sounded that Dublin! I thought I had a relatively neutral accent. There again, I thought the same of my dad before I saw the dvd involving him talking about The Producers. He normally doesn't have as strong a Dub accent, but it really came through in that DVD. Maybe the same happened there.

Anywho, as a lead on from that: I was told by someone that they saw me on TV. Now the problem was, I had no idea who this girl was. She obviously knew me. The only problem is: at my stage in "transition" (if you can even call it that), I'm at a stage where different people know me by different names. So, I'm standing there, talking to this girl thinking "Where in the hell do I know her from?" - at first I thought she was a particular girl from second science. I then quickly rethought that, because the girl who I was talking to was more intelligent (trust me, this girl from second science - not the sharpest 50p piece in Wolverhampton). So then, who else was it? My mind strained and ran through the various options. She mentioned that she was going to get food and then see starwars - so I figured nerd. Especially by her diction - she had that fragmented style of speech that lots of nerdy people have... where they talk in a stream, but stop sharply. I do it myself, it's hard to describe. You have to hear it.

So, I was talking to a nerd, with cleavage. General looks indicated I might know her from Fibbers, but that could be a false lead as many people I know look like they should be going to fibbers, but don't for various reasons. So. I was standing there, chatting away thinking "Ok, so who is she? What can we talk about?". She was too... alternative to be most of the lesbians I'd know from intervarsity events. Doesn't rule out that she knew me as trans.

You see, I have a facial memory like a sieve (ok, I remember those who give me facials - but for remembering faces, I'm not the greatest), unless I deal with people on a fairly regular basis. There was one girl who talked to me for a whole bus journey on the 17 about windsurfing, chatting like she knew me fairly well. I had no idea who she was, I didn't recognise the face, and I was too afraid to ask her name. She was nice and friendly though.

Now, when you have this sort of memory, when people come up and randomly chat, it's quite disconcerting. Some basic questions run through my mind... and I've got this odd feeling that while most people know the experience, the experience might differ slightly. My mind will go through a quick questionnaire. "Who is this person? Where do I know them from? What do name do they know me by?"

While trying to tactfully ask someone their name is one very interesting challenge - one might find that such a task is dwarfed in comparison in trying to ask them YOUR name!

Suggestions on the back of a 20 euro note please.

[User Picture]From: nycelle
2005-05-27 08:49 am (UTC)
If your email address involves your name, tell them you just changed your address and ask if they have the old one, perhaps?

If they don't have your phone number, give them your number and then ask to see it to double-check it. See what named you are stored as.

Hmmmmm, still a dilly of a pickle. . .
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