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So... I got up today, called the dog to let them out, and Sparkle… - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 7th, 2007|10:57 pm]
[mood |sadsad]

So... I got up today, called the dog to let them out, and Sparkle wasn't really responding much. So, I called into work saying I wasn't sure when I'd be in, called my folks to let them know that the dog wasn't keeping anything down, and that she wasn't really moving much... and on their instructions I called the vet.

I did as much as possible to make her comfortable. I even took it as a great display of energy that she'd sit up.

So, the vet made a house call and was around by 1pm, and he took her to the clinic to do some bloods and give her an IV. I then got a call from my parents telling me they're coming home early.

I've since had a call from the vet saying that her liver and kidneys are damaged, that she hasn't improved much, and if she hasn't improved by tomorrow, he'd recommend "letting her go". So, I've let my parents know.

So, it's a toss-up, and down to my parents, whether we hang on, and see how long she lives, and see if my parents can say goodbye to her while she's still alive, or will they want her to go with as little suffering as possible. It's a tough one - nearly 15 years in the family... tough call when you're off in Lanzerote, and you have a sick dog back in Ireland. I'm fairly sure they'll choose letting her go, but I can't say for sure.

It's weird, I stayed calm most of the time until I talked to my parents about it... every time I talked to them, I started crying... no-one else, just them, even when I told them how sick she was, even though I still had half a hope that she might get through it. At least I got to say goodbye to her last night.

If you want an idea of how bad it was: She's a wicklow collies, which is a like a smaller, more stream-lined version of a border collie. This is how my dog used to be when she was much much younger (obviously that's not her, but may as well be). She also had deepseated mistrust of strangers, and especially one of vets. Woe betide anyone trying to lift her, for she was a fierce dog when anyone'd try that. Yet, the vet was able to come right in, pet her and rub her. Moreover, the two of us carried her to his car with not a single complaint from her. As he said, she was a bit "flat"... he wasn't lying. Hell, it made me realise how bad it was, that I thought it was a major improvement that she could walk all of 5 meters from her bed in the hallway to plonk herself down on the mat in the living room.

Like I said, I at least got to say goodbye.

[User Picture]From: mizzpyx
2007-08-07 10:56 pm (UTC)
shit, i'm sorry.
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