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Electiony stuff - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Electiony stuff [May. 26th, 2007|01:59 am]
[mood |bouncypolitcal bouncy]

Yay! The PDs have totally hit the pavement. So far only Mary Harney still has a seat. McDowell has been eliminated in Dublin South-East.

Let me say this again: McDowell is not in government.

I need to make this absolutely clear: that sly little man with a head that you want to stick in boiling water for 3 minutes and eat with toast soldiers who gave a Garda report on someone to reporters is not in the Dail!

At the moment, it looks like anyone's game: Fianna Fail could end up having Labour sidle up to them despite Pat Rabbitte insisting the contrary to Vincent Browne earlier in the campaign (Mr Rabbitte has not ruled it out in an interview tonight), but there's also the idea of the Alliance for Change (Fine Gael, Labour and the Greens) getting into power, giving us Enda Kenny as the Taoiseach. In either case, there's a high chance that we may see Labour in some sort of power-sharing agreement.

By the way, I want to hit Frank Luntz. He basically came out with some weird comment like "Einstein himself wouldn't have come up with a more complicated voting system". The thing is, I believe it's fair. It leads to a very diverse government that means that people aren't left in the cold. It leads to a party system of more than 2 parties. It leads to everything the US system isn't. There again, I don't understand the electoral college, or the reasons for it existing that way, for the US presidential elections. Basically, I find it's a very interesting system.

Yes, it's a bit complicated, but I wouldn't call it needlessly complicated. I mean (by my understanding), you have constituencies, that's a given, and not complicated for anyone. Then you have a number of seats per constituency to be filled. The voter gets a list of candidates and each is then ranked from 1 down. The votes are then counted in each constituency.

The rest happens per constituency:
* There is a quota - how this is determined isn't something I know yet (I think it's (# unspoilt votes / #Seats + 1) + 1 - as yoinked from wikipedia)
* The first preference votes are counted.
* If the votes meet or exceed the quota, and there's a seat, the candidate is deemed to be elected.
* If no seats are filled, eliminate the candidate with the least votes, and distribute the votes to the next preferences.
* If any seats are filled in that count, distribute the surplus votes to the next preferences.
* Repeat on successive preferences until all seats are filled.

It results in an interesting system in my opinion, and means that there is a mix of people, and a mix of views. To be honest, it's one of those things that I really like about Irish politics. I would actually miss it in other countries. I know I'd certainly miss the choice of parties.

Anywho, I believe the point of this was: McDowell IS GONE... oh, and I think he's planning to drop out from politics... meaning he's unemployeed. I gleet muchly over this.

[User Picture]From: fractal_rainbow
2007-05-26 01:38 am (UTC)
I cheered when I saw that he'd been voted out. What a twat.
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[User Picture]From: bloodedrose
2007-05-26 02:09 am (UTC)
He had announced his retirement.. ie scuttling off to hide....
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[User Picture]From: niall_o_bhrion
2007-05-26 08:53 am (UTC)
Still looks like Fianna Fail are set for an overall majority. When I saw this for the first time in my life I felt like emmigrating! For anyone who knows me they realise just how depressed I am about the election result.
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From: chebe
2007-05-26 11:41 am (UTC)
My brother is now left wondering who his new boss is, cause it ain't McDowell! Hah.
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