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1/ Sometimes I surprise myself when it comes to cooking. You know… - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 11th, 2007|12:10 am]
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[music |Whatever happens to be on Radio KoL]

1/ Sometimes I surprise myself when it comes to cooking. You know that moment about halfway through preparing a random meal. But so far this one's survived: Chicken (sliced), juice of 1 and half lemons, dash of dark soy sauce, teaspoon of sugar, teaspoon of cornstarch, teaspoon of sherry. Fry up garlic and half a diced onion in the pan on a low heat to flavour the pan, add the chicken when the pan is hot enough. Then add veg (in my case the other half of the onion, half a red pepper and a chopped carrot). Then I had to juggle doing up the noodles (just lidl flavoured super-noodle clones) and realised that my noodles had too much moisture, and my frying pan didn't have enough, cue the first of many transfers, until I just decide to throw the noodles into the frying pan and finish that way. Finish off for a bit. There's a bit too much of a tang at first, and the noodles are a bit less than firm, but otherwise, I'm rather surprised, because about half-way through I was thinking "Oh my god, what am I doing?"

2/ I'm using one of these small radio transmitters to transmit from my computer to any radio in the house, and I'm listening to a very interesting radio programme online. Plus, I spend a lot of time trying to get a good frequency to broadcast on. Now, I figure if I can get a signal to my kitchen from my front room, then my neighbours can get a signal. I do wonder what on earth they'd think with a guy talking about being cruised in walmart. What would the neighbours think? Especially given that there's generally .8 of a MHz between all of the channels, so I have to squeeze mine in just between because I don't want to interfere with other stations, just in case people are listening to it. (Otherwise the quality's quite good)

3/ Note to self: remember people online don't automatically know your full personal history. This does kinda make life intertestink when you don't watch your language.

[User Picture]From: apocalypskorch
2007-04-11 11:42 am (UTC)
That sounds like my cooking. It's very much a case of "ooh, I'll throw that in too, see how it goes." And from that, tastey food. I don't like cooking, but I like eating, so it's worth it!
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