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T-SHIRT! - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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T-SHIRT! [Nov. 15th, 2006|10:13 am]
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So, I went to the Firefox 2 launch party in Dakota last night. Being sponsored, there was free drink, and some finger food. Actually, the food's not bad, so if you're ever organising an office party or anyfink like that, and just want finger food it's quite good (first time I've seen tempura prawns on a platter as opposed to prawns in filo pastry).

I also won a t-shirt. But I have to say I was quite disappointed. The venue was great, and the drink didn't go amiss, but the people sucked.

I was probably quite naive. I expected OpenSource heads to be there. You know people who liked their open source and all the rest. Sadly that wasn't the case. It was mostly business people, looking to "network". First thing I was asked by another guy there was "What company are you with?" I was going just as myself, I wasn't representing Sun. But I just said that I was with them anyway. And that's how it looked like the rest of the night was going until friends of mine came in. But even then, it was kinda dull. Nary a mention of the browser, but more plugging of MX - a company that operates in Scotland organising these "networking events" and riding on the back of the Firefox brand to get in.

So, no nerds. Worse still, when I asked the first guy if he used firefox he responded "I don't use anything unless I *have* to, in work". It turned out he was there only because he knew others organising it.

All in all, I have a Firefox Launch Party t-shirt (which I won in a raffle - they didn't have enough t-shirts to go around), and stickers, but I feel dirty.

[User Picture]From: deadlybuzz
2006-11-16 10:13 pm (UTC)
will you feel dirtier if you wear only the tshirt and a thong and I put fivers in the thong?

How about if I covered you in mouse fecal matter?

If I made you strip AND rub mouse fecal matter on yourself?

Why is fecal such a satisfying word?.. I guess it doesn't matter.
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