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Vive la liberation - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Vive la liberation [Oct. 13th, 2006|12:45 am]
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[mood |crazynerdgasm]

Today I did a bit of what Peter and Larry would call "Theavin'"... I call it "Liberating".

Basically, the desktop group were throwing out a LOT of stuff. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. 21" flatscreen CRTS are up for grabs, as are a number of old desktop systems. Daryl got a mail saying that there was some UPS and KVM (for the techy illiterates - shiny things that administrators like) stuff in the haul... and me being of a theavin' nature, and having gotten the OK in terms of "It's going to be taken away and dumped, so nobody cares if you take anything", I decided that netsoc needed a UPS (this means that when the power goes, you have this REALLY big battery that keeps your power going). Actually it's one of the damned good ones - you can run an E450 (for the technically illiterate - BIG machine, physically speaking) off it with no hassle. It was bloody heavy but was liberated all the same. It lives under my desk for now.

However, I made no bones about the fact that I was scavenging for netsoc (I have thoughts I may yoink an ultra 60 - it's old, not supported by Sun any more... but it would be an upgrade from an old Ultra 10 that we have that happens to be destined for use as a trainee machine). So one of the guys was talking in hushed tones about how it might not be a good idea without approval. I was half-listening, but continued collecting my haul. When I heard what the guy was saying, I understood what he meant - I'd heard it before.

Basically, when Sun gave us stuff, it was brand new. If they ever give us anything else, it'll be brand new. It'll be fresh off the presses, rolled out of the factory and into our grubby little hands. They don't want to give out old stuff, because they feel it would be bad for their image - looking like they were giving computer societies sloppy seconds.

It was weird, that was the first internal Sun matter that I've explained to one of my collegues - rather than the other way around. There again, I think even if I hadn't known what he was on about I'd've picked up quite quickly. Thanks to UCD, I think I still have a bit of a political mind. There's research that suggests that heroin reshapes the brain (ok that's dramatic, but it's the basic idea), even after the first dose, and can't be undone... I think politics is like that. You get a dose, and it can't be undone. I also liken it to malaria - once in the system, it never leaves. However, heroin brings in the addictive nature of it. So even if I'd not known, it was said in ways that just got my politics receptors going.

By the way, that issue was quickly resolved when they realised that I wasn't nicking an old desktop, but something that would actually save us anything in the region of 200 to 500 euro (I think it's this model or damned near it. It's a smartups 3000 anyway... and I have an additional battery.) Actually looking at the price, the base system would cost us a grand. And this is in good form, they just didn't have any use for it. Once he heard I was after that and not the desktops, he seemed satisfied, and wandered off.

You know sometimes I wonder about this company. Anyway, needless to say, when I grab an ultra 60 it's for my "personal use". The fact that I'm not taking a monitor or a keyboard is nothing to worry about (although I'm thinking of nicking a keyboard, I'm REALLY beginning to like them... ok, at least I'm getting used to them, and I want a keyboard with a compose key).

So they're the details of my pilfering. I think a UPS and a spare battery is a good deal. Now we just need some cables for it... and a place for our machines to live. Oh, and an IP for the unit (yeah, it's that shiny... you can put it on the network and everything)