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At last it happened. - The tissue of the Tears of Zorro [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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At last it happened. [Aug. 31st, 2006|01:56 pm]
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Soo.... So, the day I decide to install the 2006.0 is the day that they release 2006.1 - which means that some things mess up ever so slightly.

Anyway, despite my initial intents to avoid the graphical installer at all costs, I wimped out and went for that. Mainly because the text one is quite badly designed, plus I decided at one point that I was going to set up everything like the USE flags in the graphical, and then do it by text. Anyway, there were a number of kinks to work out so I kept having to go to the graphical, mainly because it was easier to get to what I wanted.

Then comes the install - about 6 fucking times! First one - tried to grab stuff off the net. That's fine. But what it tried to grab dun't exist no more. Tried that a second time just to be sure. So I wrote that off. So, a net install of Gentoo 2006.0 doesn't work because someone decided "let's not keep usbutils where we put it, let's move it". So, that was my FIRST problem.

I eventually decided "Well, it's only 1am. Let's go for the binary install, it's probably faster". 3 times, and it kept failing with failed-to-copy-to-chroot about some package. I looked at bugzilla and it appears to be a random glitch. But it throws the installer for a loop anyway. Then I tried their fresh-from-cvs installer. Yeah, that's for 2006.1 so it thinks different things are GRP based, and a coupla my saved settings messed up. Plus it tried to repartition my drives (BAD IDEA - I set it up so it wouldn't have to) and quit complaining that the disks were already mounted, so it couldn't do that. Surely it just had to read the "no change" bit from my xml file, and decide NOT TO CHANGE THE MUTHAFUCKING SETTINGS ON A PLANE! (Sorry, I've been watching a youtube of Sammie Jackson on the Daily show)

By the way, while I was loading, I'm pretty sure I saw a reference to all the issues of phrack being installed. I figure they reckon you'd be so bored waiting for x and kde to compile that you'l have time to read this stuff. (On further investigation, it appears they give you the packages as part of the base, but they weren't installed, but still the packages are there)

Anyway, FINALLY, I get the base installed. Meaning perl, python, the various utils and stuff. Then it turns to packages. Guess what, couldn't copy again. So I left it, I rebooted, wrangled with grub to get things working (and surprisingly they're working nicely), but I've got very little more than bash and a few things. For some reason, I have nano but not vi or vim. Oh, and I don't have X yet.

I'm guessing that I could probably start emerging things and see how it goes from there. I'm just debating whether to pull from online or try to see if I can get the binary packages from the cd to install. Either way, I should probably get a new kernel. I don't like the idea of a livecd kernel running when it shouldn't have to detect my hardware all the time. That said, it's got a damned fast load time on a hard drive.

Long story short, I have a very fast-loading shell with no vim. Or much else.

Now I remember why I had a boner for it. All the other distros of linux just seemed to easy or something. Now, I can appreciate them more. :)